Sharing knowledge about useful KO tools

December 3, 2007


At one time or another, we all feel the need for a software tool to support the ways in which we want to gather, store, describe and discover knowledge and information. Something better than bookmarks for instance, able to capture more metadata from a web page than just a URL. Or a way of visualizing semantic structures like taxonomies or file system folder hierarchies which goes beyond the now rather tired metaphor of Windows Explorer.

It’s useful also to know the cost and licensing arrangements, system requirements, and where to get further information, and maybe a little bit about how it works.

KO Tools is a newly-proposed KOmmunity supported by the KOnnect blog, which hopes to encourage the collaborative generation and sharing of exactly this type of information through a fully searchable, taggable and user-maintained database called KOOLTools.

By way of an experiment, KOOLTools employs a novel Web 2.0 technology which is a transportable, fully-featured wiki contained within a single HTML page. This means that the Wiki can be navigated, searched and maintained offline, as well as being distributed (zipped) as a self-contained email attachment or as a downloadable package on a blog or web site.

If you use or have evaluated a software tool which may be of interest to others, why not share your knowledge with us using KOOLTools?