KO Tools

In this KOmmunity, we are aiming to provide a forum for the discovery and discussion of the various tools and techniques available to support KO activities. We are kicking-off with KOOLTools.

KOOLTools is an experimental feature of ISKO UK’s KOnnect blog. The aim is to provide a space where members and others can share their views on various tools and techniques for supporting KO.

KOnnect invites ISKO UK members and other bona fide interested parties to collaborate in this initiative to help those involved in KO to locate and evaluate KO tools for their own specific purposes. We would also be pleased to receive your feedback on how we might improve or extend this service, assuming you feel that it is helpful.

If you feel that KOOLTools is helpful, then please tell us. If you feel that it is a waste of time, then please tell us that too.

Find out more about KOOLTools via the page link in the panel on the right.

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