Topic Map Resources

If you are aware of a resource relating to Topic Maps which is not listed here, then please post a comment providing the reference/URL and a brief description and we’ll include it.


CSXTM “is a compact, simplified and not complete version of XTM 1.0 that makes Topic maps easier and faster to use, especially designed for XSLT.”

ISO/IEC 13250:2002 Topic Maps

The current international standard for XML Topic Maps (XTM).

Mapas Conceptuales

An online graphical tool for creating ‘concept maps’. Can save in either its own DigiDocMap format, XTM 1.0 Topic Map format, or CMap Tools XML format. Saves the Topic Map to your own hard drive. Saved Topic Maps can be imported and edited at any time. Great fun to use for building basic Topic Maps!


1) whole site is in Spanish;
2) requires IE (won’t work with Firefox).


Mondeca, based in Paris, France, “specialises in taxonomy management, business repositories and semantic representation of knowledge.“. XTM Topic Maps are a key component of Mondeca’s technology.


moresophy, based in München, Germany, “offers an integrated portfolio of tools for design and operative use of knowledge networks” based upon XTM Topic Maps.


NetworkedPlanet provides a suite of tools and products to organise and structure the access to information to make it more findable and more relevant to end-users … NetworkedPlanet’s products are based on the creation of a Topic Map knowledge structure separate from the content store.”


Ontopia, based in Oslo, Norway, are Topic Map pioneers and offer a set of Topic Map applications called ‘Ontopia Knowledge Suite‘ (OKS), which include a free, downloadable Topic Map navigator – Omnigator – and more recently, a trial version of its Topic Map editor Ontopoly.

A site listing dozens of articles, papers, documents, links on Topic Maps.

The TAO of Topic Maps

Author: Steve Pepper.

An excellent beginner’s introduction to XML Topic Maps.

XML Topic Maps

Jack Park (ed.).

The definitive and exhaustive account of the derivation, history, philosophy and undoubted bright future for Topic Maps.

Topic Maps XML Syntax

Draft for review. XTM (XML Topic Maps) 2.0 is a syntax for the interchange of Topic Maps.

Third Order Knowledge Mapping

Author: Bob Bater.

An account of a Knowledge Mapping project which utilized Topic Maps. A paper presented to NKOS, September 2005, Vienna, Austria.

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