Topic Maps


For more than 500 years, we have become accustomed to 2-dimensional representations of knowledge, because our major means of knowledge interchange has been print-based – which is a 2-dimensional medium. Our mechanisms for accessing information are similarly 2-dimensional: classification schemes, taxonomies, thesauri – whether printed or computer-based – are governed by that old paradigm. Topic Maps is a machine-processable knowledge representation standard which promises to release us from that 2-dimensional prison into a fully multi-dimensional universe of knowledge.

In this ISKO UK Topic Maps community, we intend to build a collection of resources, examples and case studies, comments, discussions and news which will serve as a hub for all knowledge organization practitioners interested in Topic Maps to learn about this exciting technology and to share experiences of its practical implementation.

We invite you to register and participate in our project.

Your community editor is Bob Bater.

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