As SKOS is a key component of the Semantic Web, it would serve many of us well to become more familiar with it. The SKOS community has its own mailing list, but discussions there are at a theoretical and architectural level well beyond many practitioners like myself.

KOnnect is therefore providing this page as a space where practitioners from a variety of communities bound to feel the impact of SKOS and its related technologies, can share experiences and opinions across the boundaries that normally separate us.

Your KOmmunity editor is: position vacant.

If you are interested in being Moderator of this KOmmunity, please leave a comment to that effect.

One Response to SKOS

  1. bbater says:

    BTW, KOnnect’s KOOLTools initiative (see sidebar on right) features some evaluations of SKOS and other Semantic Web-related tools. Just download the portable TiddlyWiki package and browse on your own PC in your own time.

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