Group metalanguage

Now the wider world is about to discover what has been more or less the private domain of coterie of experts (see Tags! and Categories below), the opportunity presents itself for us to show how classification can be used as a community building tool by doing it ourselves. The process starts with a community agreeing about the questions it must address using at very least an agreed vocabulary.

I propose that we could / should go much further and develop a common metalanguage to keep track of our communication. By metalanguage, I mean a faceted classification system which uses an agreed syntax to produce meaningful and generative threads of communication.

As a rough stab, I would like to propose the following facets (with apologies to Ranganathan purists). Group – our community interest e.g. classification, Activity – what we are doing / talking about e.g. design, Stage – How far we have got e.g proposal.

The syntax is simple starting on left Group, Activity, State. Each facet is separated by a hyphen.

So here is where we discuss Classification-design-proposal. The previous post would generate a discussion about Classification-design-opportunity. Note how overviews can be posted under, for instance, Classification-design. Another thread might be Classification-implementation-challenges, for example. (One of the current challenges is to be able to put hierarchies inside facets, but one step at a time. In the beginning things need to be simple, easy, and practical.)

Other KO Kommunities would, I presume, develop their own metalanguages, perhaps, following a common set of facets?

It’s all open to discussion. Right here. The community rules!

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