5 Responses to Google Ups its Stakes in the Search 2.0 Race

  1. […] UK’s KOnnect blog notes that at least Google is taking metadata […]

  2. John Lindsay says:

    well, these things need real tests and real matters so I’ll run a series of tests on two actions I’m engaged in at the moment – the first problem is turning them into words in my mind.

    That is the earliest significant step, unless people have other methods?

    We might report this process at the ISKO meeting?

  3. John Lindsay says:

    I’ve now got my tests sorted. Explanation will need personal communication, but those who have attended my seminars over the last twenty years will be able to work them out.





  4. […] down real roots, was Google Squared. I posted briefly in May 2009 about this and also Google’s Smarter Search, suggesting that these enhancements to the regular Google experience might prove attractive to the […]

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