One Response to Making Metadata Matter

  1. Adrian Dale says:

    This is a really timely post and as Editor of the Journal of Information Science I shall be forwarding to my publisher (Sage) – I have been waging the metadata war for years. I insist that authors provide metadata – I include it in pre and post prints only to have the typesetters strip it all out and revert to the “electronic paper” model – untagged.

    My managing editor was very keen to push forward with tagging but we found that the whole production suite was effectively incapable of handling it – conceptually it is paper centric in its thinking – geared towards producing the printed copy. I offered to tag the PDFs manually after the fact (and in bulk for the back issues) but again the supply chain offered no point in the “automated” flows in which the XMP files could be added to the PDFs.

    We looked at the business case for change – all my arguments about findability and alike were negated when it became clear that Google Scholar wasn’t interested and none of our fellow Information Science journals (JASIST, JDoc, IPM etc) bothered either.

    We will get there but a campaign for “true” electronic publishing – including metadata will help a great deal.

    Adrian Dale
    Editor Journal of Information Science

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