Information Architecture

Colleagues have brought the following vacancies to my attention:

  1. Knowledge/Information Architect
  2. Senior Information Architect

    Knowledge/Information Architect

    A public sector/education programme is seeking to transform the quality and reach of information and support to parents. They are seeking a knowledge/information architect:

    • identifying, collating and analysing vocabularies, taxonomies and navigation hierarchies in use in e-services to parents nationally and locally and particularly within Children’s Service Directories and as developed by local authorities for their Family Services Directories and other related information duties (such as Promoting Positive Activities to Young People), and make recommendations on extensions required to the to the Integrated Public Sector Vocabulary (IPSV) to cover currently missing terms and structure (family-related and which include third sector and private sector provision and other ‘missing’ areas currently without sufficient coverage or granularity).

    For more information, please contact:
    Paul L. Clarke at Alpine
    DDL: 020 7936 9734
    Mobile: 07956 107870
    Fax: 020 7936 9109
    Ludgate House, 107-111 Fleet Street, London, EC4A 2AB

    Senior Information Architect

    The BBC is seeking a Senior Information Architect.
    This is an exciting opportunity to work with all divisions of the conglomerate in managing and delivering
    You must, however, follow the BBC protocol for submitting interest via their website. It’s a little arduous
    and clunky but worth the effort.

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    1. Benigno says:

      nice blog, thanks for the information

    2. Violet says:

      Great post … Thank You

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