KOKO Briefs

AIIM Reader Survey on Findability

JISC Innovation Award

Enhancing Social Tagging using KO


AIIM Reader Survey on Findability

Market IQ is the quarterly market intelligence report from AIIM, the ECM (Enterprise Content Management) Association. In planning their next issue – on Findability – Director of Market Intelligence Dan Keldsen is asking interested parties – users and vendors – to comment upon their proposed content via his blog. Potential topics currently proposed include (there are more listed on the blog):

  • Aligning Your Solution to Your Content Community and Context
  • Positioning Findability as the forefront of Business Effectiveness
  • Strategic Uses of Search,Taxonomy and Tagging
  • Defining & Differentiating Search, Browse,Tagging,Taxonomy
  • Positioning Search and Tagging in a Information Architecture
  • Enterprise Search – A Myth?
  • The Role of Findability in Social Computing and Enterprise 2.0

Anyone who would like to comment can do so freely at Dan Keldsen’s blog.


JISC Innovation Award

Records management is making a bid to emerge from the shadowy backroom it inhabits for many observers, and to join the mainstream of information management. And rightly so. The JISC Innovation Award is designed to be one way of encouraging this.

The two winners of the Award this year were Gloucestershire College and the University of Abertay at Dundee. The latter in particular, has made the benefit of KO apparent right across the organisation, by applying a records management approach to developing a taxonomy which, JISC says, “has transformed the structure and quality of resource discovery within their intranet…”

A description of the Abertay project can be downloaded as a PDF from the JISC InfoNet site.


Enhancing Social Tagging using KO

ISKO UK member Koraljka Golub is involved in the EnTag project at UKOLN, which is investigating ways of enhancing social tagging via knowledge organization systems, with a view to improving the quality of tags for increased information discovery and retrieval performance. Benefits of using both social tags and controlled terms are also being explored, including enriching knowledge organization systems with new
{Relayed from a posting to the DC-SOCIAL-TAGGING mailing list, dated 2008-04-20}

Is the EnTag Project a possible topic for a future ISKO UK seminar, anyone?

One Response to KOKO Briefs

  1. Dan Keldsen says:

    Thanks for the mention of our upcoming Findability research. Any and all feedback is welcomed. Stay tuned for the launch of the survey on Monday, April 28th, 2008.

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