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KO vis-à-vis KM
Facets and Tags
The Kingdom of Taxonomy
Busch and Clarke on Taxonomy

Information Architects promote Metadata and Ontology
Information Management Through the Ages


KO vis-à-vis KM
In the current issue of Knowledge Organization {34(2007)No.1}, Joseph Kasten explores the relationship between Knowledge Organization (KO) and Knowledge Management (KM). The paper provides an interesting insight into an academic’s perspective on the relationship between these two vital disciplines in an age when knowledge is a more valuable resource than capital.

For anyone interested in comparing and contrasting a practitioner’s perspective on the KO-KM connection, I have found no better exposition than that by Patrick Lambe (a UCL alumnus working out of Singapore) whose excellent book Organising Knowledge: Taxonomies, Knowledge and Organisational Effectiveness was published earlier this year.

Facets and Tags
As well as providing an informed view of this complex field, Patrick’s site currently features a number items KOnnectors will find interesting. Getting Your Head Round Facets is an interesting exercise in changing people’s mindsets to acommodate the idea of the faceted approach to IR, which many still seem to find difficult to grasp. The Archaeology of
introduces a rather novel way of visualizing tag usage as layers laid down over time.

The Kingdom of TaxonomyKingdom of Taxonomy

While on Patrick’s site, it is worth exploring several links he provides to some interesting video podcasts:

The Kingdom of Taxonomy on Video is a two-part video presentation by Patrick of “the Kingdom of Taxonomy”. Based upon his book, it looks at “the roles that lists, trees, matrices, facets and folksonomies play in taxonomy design.”

Busch and Clarke on Taxonomy
There are links also to two further video podcasts (and their accompanying presentations) from the iKMS (Information & Knowledge Management Society).

The first is by Joseph Busch of US consultancy Taxonomy Strategies entitled Taxonomy Development Process Case Studies. Joseph gave a fascinating presentation at last year’s Online Information conference and ran a lunchtime taxonomy roundtable, something I note that he is repeating at this year’s conference.

The second video podcast is by Dow Jones’ Dave Clarke, and is entitled Taxonomy Tools: Collaboration, Creation & Integration. Dave is Global Taxonomy Director at Dow Jones and founder of Taxonomy Warehouse. Dave was responsible for developing Synaptica, the enterprise taxonomy management solution, which doubtless will be featured by Factiva in our KOKO event on 5 Nov.

Information Architects promote Metadata and Ontology
The September 2007 issue of Boxes and Arrows, the e-journal for Information Architects, features an article by John Ferrara, Strategies for Improving Enterprise Search, which recognises the role which metadata and ontologies can play in effective search.

Information Management Through the Ages
Elsewhere in Boxes and Arrows, Bob Goodman reviews the book Glut: Mastering Information Through The Ages by Alex Wright (ISBN-10: 0309102383). With the author (in Goodman’s words, “a librarian turned writer and information architect”) examining the work of the likes of Ted Nelson (founder of Project Xanadu and father of hypertext) and Paul Otlet (creator of the UDC) amongst others, it seems this is a ‘must-have’ for any KOnnector.


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