Faceted directory of Clipmark clips

I have just posted a faceted directory of my Clipmarks posts on http://www.trendmonitor2.wordpress.com. I did this by making up a faceted “meta-language” to describe each clip which produced a kind of abstract in the most general terms. I tried to be as consistent as I could from just memory. I then analysed my tags into facets. It is now possible to see quickly what I am following (for better or worse). It also gives a small taste of what much bigger faceted directories of this kind of material might look like.

2 Responses to Faceted directory of Clipmark clips

  1. Bob Bater says:


    I have been trying to explore your Faceted directory of Clipmark clips. I am not entirely clear on what I need to do in order – as you say – to ‘try combining terms from the facets – Actors, Action, Judgements, Measurements terms and Time frame.’ I thought I’d try “Biofuels + Agriculture, Farming + CO2” to see clips on the effects of turning over vast areas of land to biofuel production. Maybe it’s me, but I cannot find any way of entering any of these terms, let alone combining them. Whatever I do, I seem to end up at the same page I started with. Please advise.

  2. trendmonitor2 says:

    Try selecting a single term from each facet e.g. ‘environment biofuels risks’. Compare with ‘environment biofuels opportunities’.

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