KOKO Briefs

DC 2007. Singapore, 27-31 August, 2007: Application Profiles and their Application in Practice

Social Tagging and KO Formalism


DC 2007. Singapore, 27-31 August, 2007: Application Profiles and their Application in Practice

The conference is reported as resulting in a “Singapore Framework” for Dublin Core Application Profiles

2007-09-18, A main outcome of DC-2007 is the “Singapore Framework”, a set of documents that together form the specification of a Dublin Core Application Profile. As presented by Mikael Nilsson at DC-2007, this documentation set puts a formal “Description Set Profile” into the context of functional requirements, domain models, syntax bindings, and user guidelines. The Singapore Framework will guide DCMI Task Groups that are developing Application Profiles and underpins the formal evaluation of Application Profiles by the DCMI Usage Board.

Unfortunately, the link to the Online Proceedings of DC 2007 on the DC website is suffering from a syntax error in its PHP code at the time of writing, so further information will have to be found second-hand.

Social Tagging and KO Formalism

In January 2007, Ana Alice Baptista (Universidade do Minho, Portugal initiated a collaborative study on tag usage and its relationship (if any) to Dublin Core entitled KoT – Kinds of Tags – via the discussion group DC-SOCIAL-TAGGING@JISCMAIL.AC.UK. It is not clear yet what the results of this study are.

However, it excited the interest of Ganesh Yanamandra of the National Library Board, Singapore, such that he (she?) is experimenting with using “Yahoo Pipes … for automating metadata extraction from social tags”. Configuration of the pipes – especially the form of output – has yet to be completed, but there appears to be scope for extracting DC metadata from tags and forwarding it via RSS.

This experiment in progress can be viewed at Yahoo Pipes

Those interested in the cautious embrace formalist approaches such as DC are offering to the social computing phenomenon, could find out more (eventually!) at the Dublin Core Tagging Wiki


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  1. Hi, For a change its a He.

    Jokes apart, The yahoo pipes experiment wasnt pursued further but you might be interested to know that Pete Johnston from Eduserve has given much more information and suggested a methodology to extract metadata using xslt. His post can be read at – dctagging revisited


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