Facet analysis and Semantic Web: Musing of a student of Ranganathan

From Jan Wyllie clipmarks

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Librarians knew well that to be successful, at least three important tools are needed for an information system of the type they were handling. They are:

  1. Data element directory (Cataloging Manual)
  2. Classification Scheme (unfortunately in the West only monolithic, enumerative, voluminous variety was known, unlike in India where classification scheme was almost synonymous with faceted classification scheme) for categorization of the documents; and
  3. Thesaurus (vocabulary control tool) for consistent indexing (assigning index terms) that complemented the pitfalls of the enumerative classification scheme in not being capable of representing the subject of the document coextensively and completely, and brought in the faceted model as it was a compilation of uni-terms standing for uni-concepts. [Prof. Fugmann has cautioned about the pitfalls of using thesaurus alone for information retrieval

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